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Reports and Reviews

This section is intended for parents and teachers both. AUP is a front-runner in providing well-researched educational content for K12 students in India. Here we would bring to your notice some important pathfinder articles published in some leading Indian dailies. By reading these articles teachers and parents will know various aspects of parenting and teaching, what is happening in education section in the technology-driven world, and how students can learn languages especially English in a scientific way.

Reports and Reviews List

Easy like Sunday morning_The Hindu_9 June 2019

A beautiful mind_The Hindu_26 May 2019

Those favourite toys_The Hindu_2 June 2019

To Siri, with love_The Hindu_2 June 2019

A plant waits for its patrons_The Hindu_26 May 2019

The world’s oldest-known printed book_The Hindu_11 May 2019

To follow a code of life_The Hindu_5 May 2019

Mothering across generations_The Hindu_5 May 2019

A ‘million word gap’ for children not read to at home_The Hindu_7 April 2019

Looking for oneself_The Hindu_14 April 2019

The guest as god, no less_The Hindu_14 April 2019

The faked world out there_The Hindu_31 March 2019

That incredible lightness_The Hindu

Education reform needs a systematic approach_Hindustan Times_25 March 2019

Towards an Age of Unreason_Times of India_25 March 2019

That order and peace amidst the seeming chaos_The Hindu_24 March 2019

The miracles of life and the tragedies of death_The Hindu_24 March 2019

A child without the pronouns_The Hindu_17 March 2019.pdf

Daddies and those household chores_The Hindu_17 March 2019

The elusive satisfaction The Hindu 9 March 2019

Life makes the decisions The Hindu 9 March 2019

Hot pongal by the Cauvery The Hindu 9 March 2019

A race to nowhere The Hindu 23 February 2019

Life as it comes by Sivamani Vasudevan The Hindu 14 October 2018

Recess as the basis of culture by Saumya Balasubramanian The Hindu 14 October 2018

The danger in talking past each other by Tabish Khair The Hindu 14 October 2018

Life as it comes by Sivamani Vasudevan The Hindu 14 October 2018

Coping with all that unsolicited advice by Debdutta Saha_The Hindu_21 Oct

Decisions, decisions by S. Sivaraman_The Hindu_21 October 2018

When egos clash and flash by Nitasha Devasar_The Hindu_21 October 2018

Living with grace and dignity by Vijayashri Sripati_The Hindu_28 October 2018

The Great Indian Exam by Leena Sarma_The Hindu_28 October 2018

Well it is complicated by Kamala Mahadevan_The Hindu_28 October 2018

Digital Nutrition and Early Childhood Years by Kiranpreet Kaur