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AUP's publishing programme covers a large span of areas – schoolbooks for pre-primary to primary and lower secondary level, assessment works for schools, textbooks or course books in various subject areas for college and university students, reference works and books of general interest. We acknowledge the contribution and relationships with our Authors who collaborate with us at every stage of publishing. AUP has a dedicated team of editors who coordinate with the Authors for various pre-press services.

If you have a book proposal in the above mentioned areas, please write to us with a brief description and readership for the volume, proposed table of contents, approximate page extent, and author details. Please also send us a copy of your resume. Selection of authors is made on the basis of their affiliation, their experience in teaching the subject, and most importantly, the ability to provide good original content. A book proposal format is attached for your use. You can send your proposal to the below email address.

                                                                                                                     Editorial Contact
Sr. No Name Email
1 Mr Suvadip Bhattacharjee sbhattacharjee@aup.amity.edu

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