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  1. A Short History of English Literature

    A Short History of English Literature

    This book is a comprehensive survey in chronological fashion of the major periods, authors and movements from Chaucer to the present. Written for undergraduate and postgraduate students in South Asian universities, this book locates the authors’ genres and developments within their social political and historical contexts. Informed by contemporary literary and cultural theory this account also prepares students for further explorations in particular genres and periods in English literature. Learn More
  2. Electricity: Theory and Practice

    Electricity: Theory and Practice

    This book is primarily designed as a reference text for students of electrical engineering. It provides a balance between theory and applications so students can develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts of electrical engineering. Electric and electronic circuits appear motionless even though great activity takes place at the invisible atomic level. This book will facilitate the readers to realize that invisible phenomena. New entrants to the engineering industry can also use this book as it will help them understand the various technical challenges and how they can resolve them. Learn More